Back Shaver BS100

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5 inch shaver blade - the Bornku BS100 back shaver has 5 inch shaver blades, which allows the shaver to tackle larger surface areas and offers you the quickest and smoothest shaving experience.
Curved and anti-slip handle - this shaver has a curved and anti-slip handle which is perfect for accessing the hard-to-reach areas on your back.

Lightweight - the weight of the shaver is only 0.13 kgs which makes it easier for you to handle.

Easy replacement for shaver blades - the blades can easily slide in and out of the handle when changing them.

Warranty - comes with 30 days no questions asked return policy, 1 year product warranty and friendly customer service, therefore a worry-free purchase


Just imagine the inconvenience of trying to manage your back hair without a purpose built tool - this is why you need the Bornku BS100 back shaver! It skips all of the unnecessary headaches that can come with shaving products and does exactly what it claims, resulting in a baby smooth shave in minutes. Not only does the back shaver cut so well but the 5" wide back shaver blade allows the shaver to tackle larger surface areas, in turn, saving countless amounts of your precious time. The curved, lightweight handle is perfect for accessing the hard-to-reach areas on your back. When replacing shaver blades, the blades easily slide in and out of the handle.

How to use:
1. This back shaver is better when used on wet and well hydrated skin and so we suggest you take a shower before shaving.
2. Even though the shaver has a protective design, please still remember to shave slowly and pay attention to your shaving angle so that you will not hurt your skin with the sharp blades.


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What's in the box:
1 x Ergonomic Handle
1 x 5 Inch Wide BORNKU Blade
1 x User Manual